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Photo by Dana Kalachnik

Welcome to the wild, weird, and whimsical world of Crocodyle, your new favorite four-piece out of Nashville. 


Crocodyle is an alternative rock group in the vein of Arctic Monkeys crossed with Green Day. The joy of performing is their foundation — frontman Hux Rittman, who grew up in Singapore and found his way to Tennessee by way of Boston, connected with drummer and Atlanta native Hays Thompson, and they got to work creating together, eventually filling out the lineup with CJ Gravley-Novello (Bass) and Christi Landis (guitar). 


If Crocodyle can make a listener say, “I haven’t heard anything like that in a while,” they’ll consider it a job well done. More than that, though, the band wants people to feel good about themselves. There’s an undercurrent of optimism to Crocodyle, an act brimming with youthful energy, and that energy is contagious when the band performs onstage.


They aim to leave audiences amped up, refreshed, and feeling like they just saw someone onstage who related to them. “Someone’s on the same level as you,” frontman Hux says. “We just want people to feel a little less alone.” 


The members of Crocodyle don’t take themselves too seriously, keeping their love of music and classic rock and blues   influences front and center. Despite their grounded goofiness, they’re not afraid to touch on many of the subjects plaguing fellow young people today: the reality of living in the social age, an unprecedented number of unprecedented events, and the loneliness that can come along with coming of age. 


Ultimately, Crocodyle shines for their sincerity, whether when giving it all at a gig or bringing in new fans through playful TikToks. 


Plus, their moms think they’re pretty cute, and they want to make sure everyone knows that, too.

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