It's a brave band that taps the emotive range for anxiety, addiction, depression and love.  It's a rare band that has you dancing to it.

Crocodyle's music has the wit of power pop, the drive of rock, the desolation of a ballad and the precision of a poem.  There's a tremendous originality in the three-piece band’s sound and phrasing, always a surprising mix of intelligence and whimsy while articulating the otherwise, inexplicable. 

Theirs are the songs of the generation who has inherited this churning, roiling world where introspection suffers from the blasts of social media.

Crocodyle has played in cities all over the US and toured the UK, making a stop in Ireland.  Spotted at a small club in Dublin, they were invited to do two sets at “Ireland's Coachella”, Electric Picnic, headlined by Kendrick Lamar and The Prodigy.  

Seeing them live, a band like the Shins comes to mind.  Warm and endearing, truly embraceable, the music is catchy, it's fun, but ultimately, it's sincere.  And Rittman's unique, vocal performance is richly expressive.

Crocodyle is currently in the studio working on their debut EP, which is set to release in late 2020.